Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Quick Update

Although I did get more sleep last night than I have since I started sleeping outside on the sidewalk, I'm still not caught up with the amount of sleep I need.  I'm still getting the nods, falling asleep at the keyboard.  When there are no crazies running around my street it's usually quiet and I get more sleep. Thing is I can't help it if someone schizo has a late night episode, and begins ranting and raving.

I ran out of money early this month due to some previous financial obligations, and I really must thank the people who came forward in the last week or so and donated to my cause.  It really makes a difference in how much a person suffers on the street.  It's all suffering anyways, but when a person can get some of their needs met, by way of donation, or what have you, it lessens the burden.

I have slept in a great many places while homeless, mostly in shelters, but in cars, in other people's homes for short periods, in alleyways, in abandoned buildings and not abandoned buildings, but for all I've done, this is now the longest single stretch of cement surfing I've ever done.  I've done it before, here an there but not this many days in a row.  In seven days from now, it will be a full month.  It is do-able.  It would be even more do-able if society cut people some slack and not harassed the non-sheltered homeless so much. The harassment has already been proven ineffective in dealing with homelessness.  Politicians should not let their constituents dictate their agenda so much.