Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Am Concerned

Fox News, for more  than a decade, has engaged in a very overt program of lies and manipulation of the truth, all for the sake of the advancement of the Republican Party.   They even admit as much themselves, when they argued, sucessfully, in court that they have the right to lie.   A search of the internet will bring up countless documentation to prove the willful deceit practiced by Fox News.   Still, a great many people watch the Fox News shows, and agree with and believe the things Fox News tells them.

The Republican party, seeing how successful Fox News has been with implementing this program of lies upon lies, that they too, now engage in the same practice.    The Republican candidate for president has made willful lying the cornerstone of his campaign strategy.   When caught in one lie, he answers with yet another lie.  The amount of deception, and manipulation of the truth, coming from his campaign, and his own lips, requires a full time staff to debunk every thing they say, and to set the record straight.

Certainly, lying and deception have been a part of politics, but never before has it been this overt, this grotesque, this extreme.   Usually, though, when a politician engages in such deceit, he pays a dear price for it.   his/her followers will abandon them in droves.   But that's not happening this time.   Something has changed with the American people, and I am concerned.    Hell, I'm more than concerned, I'm frightened.

Nearly half the entire country is supporting Romney, and with their support are condoning his practice of deceit.   The truth no longer matters to them, so long as their side wins the election.   This sacrifice of their ethical and moral standing is going to have ramifications.   The soul of our country is being polluted, and will be damaged beyond repair if it continues it's current course.

Given the current state of the union,  and given how long it will take to repair what damage has already been done, I will not live long enough to see the US return to the more healthy respectable condition it was in during my youth.   No, the country was never perfect, but it has never before been this far gone.

As the old saying goes, 'the love of money is the root of all evil'.   Those with money are so infected with greed that they can no longer see, or perhaps they just no longer care, about the damage their 'love of money', is doing to our country.    The problem being so wide spread that there is no longer anyone in a position to do something about it, who is willing to step forward and being a halt to it.

It has been said many times before, and I will say it here, now - Despite the many enemies that the US has faced, the destruction of our country is not coming from without, but from within.  We will destroy ourselves before anyone else can.

It didn't have to be this way.   But it's happening non-the-less.