Monday, September 24, 2012

At A Loss For Words

I just can't think of anything to write, that I haven't already written about.    I've been away from the homeless life for so long that I have no news to report.  What I have written, I've written twice before already.  Have I covered the whole gambit of homeless issues?   I know readers don't tend to look favorably on me writing about other subjects.  But then, it's not like anyone's been clicking the donation button either.   Am I beholding to the audience?  Truth be told, most of my readers never check out my latest post, but come here by way of Google, looking for specific articles I wrote years ago.   In that respect, my readership is on the rise - not only because school is now back in session - each month for the past year has averaged 1500 more readers than the year before.  And that makes the lack of donations all that much more puzzling.  One thing, there are a gazillion more homeless voices on the internet now, other homeless people, many many homeless service providers asking for donations, etc.  People used to think my writings were worth a donation.   Now I have to spend my days trying to make money by other means, meaning I don't even have time to check up on the latest issues on the street.    I could live on a 700 dollar a month allowance.  Then I could do some serious advocacy.   Anyone out there with the resources want to fund my activities for a year?