Friday, October 24, 2014

Fighting Addiction Is Not Easy

Well, my addictions are only psychological, and kinda lame compared to things like drugs and alcohol.  But, they are addictions none-the-less.

To fight off my techology/internet/computer addiction, I've taken the bold step of reducing my usage of that stuff to just 2 hours a day - the amount of time allocated to each library patron on the library provided computers.   This will still allow me enough time to blog and check email, etc.

With some of all the free time I now have, I've decided to get back to reading the classics.  I picked up a copy of "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley.   Not only is it entertaining, it's a very important book and very prophetic concerning the effects that technology has on society.   The book was first published in 1932, but a couple decades later he wrote a new introduction to it.  And to me, this one "introduction" is the most important piece of literature I've ever read.  I highly suggest you read it too.  You'll be amazed at how well he predicted today's society and the current direction we are heading.

Last night I arrived earlier still, at my sleeping spot and got there before anyone else.  Actually, as I was approaching it, I saw that the guy would had taken it the night before was also heading for the spot, but from the opposite direction, and just as close to it as I was.  Yet when he noticed me coming, he stopped and turned around and went away.  He must have known that it was my regular spot, and even more reluctant to squabble over it than I am.

The good thing about setting up camp earlier is that I get more sleep.   It will take a long time for me to catch up on all the sleep I've missed, but I do feel a little better today.   It's still getting cold at night, so much that it causes me to shiver and wake up, but the days are still heating up.  I think yesterday we reached 90 for a high.  Such variation in the temp is not going to help me get over my cold symptoms.  My cold is very light, but not completely gone.  As per usual, my colds linger for a long time, after the brunt of it has past.

I still haven't gotten my laundry done. Hopefully I'll get to it today.

If you'd like to support my blogging efforts here, and help me get through these days, you can send a donation via paypal to my account using my email address thehomelessguy [at] gmail (dot) com.   As always, thank you so much for all you've done to help the homeless.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

They Beat Me To It

For the first time since camping at this one location, someone else had taken the spot before I got there.   It is a somewhat undesirable spot.  But as I took a walk around, looking for another place to set up my tent, I noticed that the streets had grown even more crowded than the last time I checked.   Tonight I will go back to my spot earlier in the evening and hopefully get there before someone else does.

There wasn't enough room to set up my tent so I had to do without it last night.   I locked up my cart, using a short bike lock, to the fence that I was up against, and just used my sleeping bag. The concrete was very cold and the air last night was even colder.   I move a bit when I sleep and I kept coming out of the sleeping bag so that my arms and shoulders kept contacting the concrete,  Burrrr.   I feel like my cold may be coming back too.

The city is trying to make a big deal about the winter shelter opening up on November 1st.  The problem is that the shelter only holds 240 people, and there are 900 homeless on the streets of downtown San Diego.  There are even more homeless in the areas surrounding downtown.   I guess a half-assed effort is better than none.

Today I will try to get laundry done today, and if I can get to the beach, I'll take a shower.  Right now, I'm averaging about one shower a week.  I'm more of a two showers a day kind of guy.  But I've gotten used to being unshowered.  I still sponge off in public restrooms when I can.   I've not gotten so offensive that anyone has complained of an odor.

If you're wondering, I'm still accepting donations on my paypal account, for food and necessities.